About Us

Sacred Heart Church has a long and remarkable history in the Diocese of Lincoln. It started in 1871, when the small group of Crete Catholics took the beginning step to securing a place of worship and purchased two lots for $50. Under the direction of the first pastor, Father Lechlether, the church was built in 1873 for a cost of $1,000 and named for St. James.

In 1893, a new brick church was constructed. The resident pastor and parishioners were torn on whether to retain the name of St. James or dedicate the new church to the Sacred Heart. A compromise was reached and the new church was named Sacred Heart Church of St. James Parish. Sacred Heart has undergone several renovations since then, but the brick church of 1893 still stands today.

Sacred Heart Parish has also been blessed with several vocations to religious life over the years, including three priestly vocations and several young women who have chosen to serve God, most recently Sr. Amy Havlat, M.S.